Exam Weekend

This is the second weekend available for me to take my Quarter 6 exams. I haven’t actually taken any exams and my essays are still in the draft stage. The pressure is on. I did this to myself.


(Note: For the Executive MBA program they release exams on Friday at 5 pm on the first weekend and they are due by midnight on Sunday of the following weekend.)

I have attempted exams various different ways:

  1. Splitting them up over both weekends
  2. Taking them all during the first weekend
  3. Taking them all during the second weekend
  4. Taking time over the whole week to take the exams (usually includes me taking a half day at work)

Last quarter, I did them all over the last weekend. It wasn’t pleasant. Three 5-hour exams from Friday after work to Sunday at midnight is not the best plan. I finished by about 8 pm on Sunday. Tired. Dazed. (and maybe a little confused.) But I did actually get good grades for the classes so all was well.

How did I do that, you say?

  1. I live alone
  2. On Friday Afternoon I did all my errands for the weekend and stopped at a grocery store to get my supplies for the weekend (eggs, juice, a few Dr. Pepper’s for the caffeine, snacks, fruit)
  3. Got home on Friday.
  4. Didn’t leave my apartment until I was done with exams on Sunday.

Yes. That is right, I didn’t leave my apartment. I put myself under house arrest, intentionally.

I don’t necessarily recommend this to anyone, however, in the middle of summer, when all you want to do is be outside and enjoying the beautiful weather, the last thing that you want to do is leave the apartment. I know it would be difficult to return.

So that is what I am doing this weekend. The clock is ticking and I have things to complete, but I can only procrastinate so much, there is a deadline I must adhere to.

Maybe I just like the pressure cooker situations.

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