Leadership Residency 1: Other thoughts

My Facebook feed is rife with pictures from my preparation for Leadership Residency 1 last fall. While I talked about my EPIC FAILURE at packing for the trip last week, I wanted to take a moment to talk about some other thoughts I had reflecting back on LR1.

Based on our syllabus, this is what the intention of LR1 is:

“[LR1] introduces you to the challenge of leading with an executive’s point of view, which must consider the interests of the enterprise as a whole when making and implementing decisions. Common interests to consider include those of different business functions, internal and external stakeholders, and diverse global contexts. During LR1 you will learn what it means to take an enterprise perspective, and begin to understand the important leadership skills required to move a complex organization forward. You will engage in case discussions, role-plays, presentations, a self-assessment, and team-based activities. As part of the course, you will also have opportunities to learn, experience, and reflect on the implications of developing an enterprise perspective in your own practice of leadership.”

Here are the things that you might not expect:

  1. The amount of acronyms and abbreviationsacronym

  2. Just how hot a room can get at 5pm on Friday when the A/C is turned off and there are 120+ people in one room…. SPOILER ALERT: an uncomfortable level of warmth that I still remember to this day. heat2

  3. Almost everyone is a stranger to each other on day one.giphy

  4. By Day 6, it is a complete group of spirited individuals that are ready to take on the rest of the program (or at least everyone that isn’t completely exhausted from the week of class).giphy2

  5. Bringing your own wine and beer to Sloney’s may be frowned upon, but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t be inconspicuous about it.ultimate-guide-sneaking-booze-into-any-event-w1456

  6. Class Participation – while necessary for your grade – is really difficult in LR1 because of the sheer amount of classmates and the different professors that teach each class. Be patient. It does get better and easier.

  7. Canvas can be a trickster – arriving at Darden I realized I have missed crucial pre-LR1 readings because I didn’t know how to navigate the portal. Thinking that I had completed all the readings, only to realize that no, in fact, I had about 200 pages of more reading to do is not the best thing to learn about the night before classes start!canvas20icon-f-01-01

  8. There is laundry at the Darden Inn.tenor

  9. The gym is on summer hours during LR 1 – be aware that the hours are different.tenor1

  10. The Tech Support Team is awesome. giphy1

  11. There may be red, green, and blue, but I will always have a soft spot for YELLOW!tumblr_o2yatj8yfl1so0c2bo1_500

  12. Maybe don’t go to drinks on a Bumble date while at LR1 – I take that back… you do you! 😉 fadevih

  13. There will be enough food during the week to feed an entire army many times over. y2dpi2y

I would love to comment more on what LR1 is about, but then I would be giving away some of the serendipity of the week.

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