Pre-Course Overload

I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the required training that all students must take when enrolling in UVA for classes. Of course, this is all about liabilities and ensuring that the school has adequately informed its students of the hazards of being away from parents, but my thoughts below address a fundamental question: at what point does online training become something that falls on deaf ears?

***Orginally written in July 2016 prior to the start of Darden***

Studying and working are going to be my life for the next year, make that two years actually. And i was prepared for that reality.

What was I not prepared for?

All the online training UVA requires entering students to undergo.

Since I attended a VERY SMALL liberal arts college, majority of this online training were actual events I attended, so it didn’t feel so sterile. Instead of hearing about the dangers of alcohol, my undergrad community held a “party” to teach about the dangers of drinking and going out while on campus. Let’s just say, while a little juvenile, it was way more entertaining.

My alcohol training at UVA is very different. While I am attending another insitution 11 years after starting at my undergraduate work, it make me wonder how the undergraduates get to experience this learning. Is it another eye roll inducing interactive training, or will the administration continue this conversation outside of the computer screen and apply it in real life. (And no, I am not talking about a real life Hunger Games-type situation, just something that gets students out from behind their screens.)

This leads a much bigger question about the perils of meeting millenials where they are, behind a screen, instead of forcing them to look away and focus on what is at hand… but what am I to do?

I am just a millienial that is desperately asking for people to engage me in real life, because these interactive video training courses are becoming a bit of a drag.

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