Seven More Days to G0


As a part-time MBA student, in the ramp up to school, I am continuing to work. Of course, after five years at my job, II already knew the busiest time of year is from July 4th to mid-Sept. To have orientation week during this time is testing the skills I have at preparing myself and just applying those methods for business school.

Most of the past two years (when I decided to more ardently pursue an MBA) has been focused on researching and identifying the right schools to apply to, applying, and waiting for an acceptance.

Honestly, I listened to the advice of many current students and alumni about what to expect after being accepted to a program, but I couldn’t quite get around the fact that NONE of it matter if I didn’t get in.

Let me tell you right now, the amount of work that is needed between acceptance and matriculation far exceeds expectations (particularly if you are working full-time up until school and/or you get accepted late in the game).

Some tasks I have worked on this summer:

  • Putting down the deposit to go to school
  • Connecting with my classmates
  • Pre-course work from Darden (about 14 hours worth of videos to watch that cover finance, accounting, excel, organizations, business management, etc).
  • Other prep work that I have been doing as a refresher; reading, studying, etc.
  • Pre-matriculation forms from both Darden and UVA
  • Don’t forget to submit a picture of yourself for the composite photo.
  • Don’t forget to ALSO submit a photo of your self for your ID
  • New computer research and purchase (If you must know, a Surface Pro 4– and I am in LOVE with it!)
  • Passport renewal – my first global trip is in November!
  • Loan applications (FAFSA, etc)
  • Meeting with the Financial Aid office to understand the cryptic naming conventions on my award letter.
  • Meeting with my Career Development Coach
  • Reading all the course material for the first week at Darden
  • Oh, and not to forget… actual work!

There is all that… and it is a lot to do…. I am sure that I missed something on here.

But all this means is that I am going to DARDEN! In. SEVEN. Days!!!

Let the flood gates open and do this thing.

***Side Note: Darden and UVA Are incredibly helpful to get most of this done. They work very hard to ensure that you have the best experience coming on-board.


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