My long silence has probably gone without much notice, but for me, this time has changed my plan for the future.

Full-time MBA applications were submitted in the October time frame and by December I heard back from the schools I applied to….

That news was not as good as I had hoped.


The one shining light was at Darden…. Well, a slightly diminished light, but a light all the same.

I was on the waitlist.

Now, depending on why you are on the waitlist will direct the amount of work to get off the waitlist. It seemed like I only needed to submit a “Why Darden?” essay to help my case.

Wrote the essay, submitted it to the Admissions Committee, and then started the waiting.

And I wait.


And I wait.

And then my car broke down and I bought a new car.

And I wait.

And I started to think about what else I could do to divert this dream of mine into something just as satisfying. I started looking at events and associations to more involve myself.

Then I got my email…. full-time was going to be off the table for me.

But based on my experience and career goals they recommended that I submit my application to the executive program.


A few weeks later I got the call. The call that so many of my peers received in December that applied round one. I finally got in May!


Now, just over a week away from the start of the program, I am overjoyed I get to spend my next two years, not only continuing to work within my industry, but also study at an institution that I have come to know and love during my MBA research and application.


More to come!

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