Test Day – Done with that stress!

Wow, October and November just flew by. As all of you know, I took my test on Sept 30th. Then went straight into finishing my Round 1 applications that were due the next week.

But I wanted to report back on my test day.

First of all, I thought that my test was at 3:30pm when it actually was at 12:30pm! Don’t ask me how I did that, but thank goodness my calendar on my phone had it right! There was a few advantages to that including that I couldn’t stress out about anything but getting there on time (which I did) and I had enough time to sit down and relax before I went in for the test.

The test was the same as all the GMAT tests and practice tests that I took over the past year, making me feel like I am inadequate in every way… however, I was able to INCREASE MY SCORE BY 100 POINTS!

This increase made me feel so much better heading into completing my round 1 applications.

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