Sentence Correction: Logic and Grammar in one!


Let’s be honest here… colloquialisms across regions and the glorious ridiculousness of such things as #onfleek makes even the grammar nazis of yore have some difficulties.

But that isn’t what the GMAT is testing; however, that would be the most special GMAT question of all time!

As I am working on my SC strategies, I have come to realize previously taught approaches are ineffective. As my strategy has changed, I am getting a much higher rate of return on the time spent on each question, and getting more right.  #success

Some tips that have helped me:

  1. The concept that the GMAT wants you to sacrifice the best answer for just the better option. This absolutely kills me at times. I want the best option!
  2. Modifiers. Just be watching for misplaced modifiers. This will help out a lot if you don’t really know were to start and the choice between have been/had been is slowly killing you. (This is where I missed a lot of questions the first time around)
  3. In my retake of my prep class, my instructor pointed something out about the answer choices that isn’t something that you take into consideration most times. You are not the person that gets to decide what is right. That is not your decision to make. You decision is to find the answer that has already been chosen by the GMAC decision maker. This is somewhat of an abstract concept, but it has helped me tremendously, particularly with Verbal Reasoning.
  4. Two things Sentence Correction wants you to consider: grammar and logic. There may be a sentence that is grammatically correct but completely illogical. The answer choice could also be logical but missing accurate grammar.

That is all for now! I hope sharing this is helpful to someone out there.


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