Round 1 is coming!

If you are in the middle of this process, you may have already submitted a Round 1 application! Congratulations to you, and for your success in completing this hurdle I give you Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect:

Crushed IT

I find it strange when I think about this whole process for myself. In regards to the MBA application process, I am halfway through.

The B-School Timeline

August 2014: Made the Decision to apply to B-school. I attended MBA fairs and started my research on schools and GMAT prep.

December 2014: I applied and gained admittance into the MBA Launch program (if you are a woman I highly suggest the standard format).

January 2015: Personal issues side tracked a lot of my studying and research until about April.

April 2015: Studying for the GMAT

June 2015: GMAT day of Doom (or, I bombed the GMAT)

July 2015: Reflection period and also when I was crazy busy with work that MBA was not even possible to think about

August 2015: MBA fairs again. Asking recommenders to write me awesome recommendations. Studying to for GMAT Version 2. Writing application essays.

Sept 2015: If it wasn’t hot in here yet, the temperature just got pushed to 100 degrees.

The way forward:


September 2015: GMAT and applications!!!

October 2015: Turn in applications for Round 1 consideration and attend Women’s conferences.

October and November 2015: Potential interviews.

December 2015: Time to find out if I made the cut.

January 2015 – August 2015:  Making the Matriculation Decision. I really can’t even look that far into the future right now. It is something that I can’t control, at least not yet. But I am looking at finishing the applying to b-school mountain climb and chart the path to actually attending school.

Until then though… All I have to motivate me are some funny quotes, gifs, images, and of course, the support of my family, friends, and colleagues. I never thought this path way easy, but who ever wanted something that was easy?




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