School Fit and How I Decided to Apply to Programs

If you had recently seen my about page the following schools were listed as my schools of choice after some research and school visits over Fall 2014 and early 2015:

  • Northwestern – Kellogg
  • Yale – SOM
  • Dartmouth – Tuck
  • MIT – Sloan
  • Chicago – Booth
  • Georgetown – McDonough
  • American – Kogod

My naiveté, at least to me, is very apparent in this list. All MBA programs are absolutely great for the person that fits into the specific culture and program. The more I researched, the more I found some schools on the list holding their place and others just drift off it, not for any reason other than my evaluation of where I want to be for two years and where I want to go in my career after that.

With that said, here is my new list:

  • Dartmouth – Tuck
  • Georgetown – McDonough
  • Michigan – Ross
  • UVA – Darden
  • American University – Kogod (Part Time)

I am at peace with my decision to change course and be more selective in my school choice. Every one of these programs highlight aspects that I want to embody by the end of the this journey. Not every school is the same, and I am okay with that. In weighing the options, I would be ecstatic to attend any MBA program I apply to because I have done the due diligence to know that it is a school I would be proud to attend and they would (hopefully) be proud of me as a student and alum.

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