It is Crunch Time!

Round 1 Application deadlines are fast approaching. I honestly can’t believe that after a year of researching and studying I am in the final weeks of being able to control my MBA candidacy. What does that mean exactly?

All but one of my Round 1 applications are due by Oct 8. And besides the potential interview from the MBA programs that are interested in me as a candidate, everything that I can control is over. It is out of my hands. My GMAT, my Essays, my activities, everything. Once I hit submit, all I can do is hope that all the work that I have done is enough.

Tip for those of you out there about your applications:

I have found it helpful to reach out to the Admissions Team at each of the schools that I am looking to apply to and just have information email or phone conversations with them. If I only have one or two questions I will email them, but if I have more than about 5 questions that range in topics, I ask if I can have 30 minutes of their time on the phone. This has been very informative feedback. I won’t be able to visit some of the schools until after the MBA applications go in, so any insight from the AdComm or Students is infinitely valuable.

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