Geometry: Or, The Class I missed in March

Geometry, it really shouldn’t be that difficult while taking the GMAT.

Over and over again I hear this. And over and over again, or really about 60% of the time, I find myself pounding my head against the table trying to work out circumscribed triangles, etc.

Today, I settled in and worked diligently on the basics review Veritas Prep had online (technically, it is also outlined in the beginning of the Geometry course book, but I enjoy the small notes and asides I get from the virtual Skillbuilers). Then of course, turned to the actual Geometry class.

Bad side: Memorization of all the formulas I have since forgotten.

Good side: Geometry in GMAT is just trying to make an Algebra problem a little bit more difficult.

I am getting better at approaching these types of problems and am gearing up for a practice test on Thursday! Here goes nothing. And yes, I was on a business trip for the in-person Geometry class so online is the only option I get.

Refocus: Life in the Present vs THE FUTURE

The past couple of months have been hectic. In Feb-March I took a Veritas Prep class that was eye-opening and enjoyable… Made me crave going back to school. Also, made me realize that I could control my own destiny. While the GMAT is difficult, it is just a test. (Yes, that is said way too much.)

But with work expectations, I didn’t get to do a lot of outside studying, and then I had to move…. If you have successfully tried to study for anything while moving, I applaud you, because that is not what I can do at all.

For now I am behind my deadline of finishing April 30 with my GMAT. Looking at scheduling one as soon as possible with about a month of actual study time…. I will let you know more.